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The technology was originally developed for astronauts in space. It has been used by astronauts since the 1970s to counteract muscle and bone loss due to weightlessness in space. Now you can also find the Power Plate® vibration technology with us.

In principle, the Power Plate® does the work for you. Equipped with two high-performance motors, mechanical, pleasant, multidimensional vibrations are generated. These trigger up to 2,400 muscle contractions in your muscles per minute, while almost 100% of your muscle fibers are trained without you having to move. That is more than twice as many as with a normal, strenuous workout. Our latest Power Plate devices even offer vibrating cables, which you can use to beautify your upper arms and cleavage much more efficiently.

SPORTS: Power Plate® is popular with many athletes. For soccer world champions as well as for countless other sports such as golf, skiing and biking, the device is an indispensable part of their training. In addition to muscle strengthening, the relaxation and fascia programs are very popular. This is why numerous physiotherapists swear by the Power Plate technology.

BEAUTY: Who doesn't want that, taut upper arms, smooth skin and a naturally aesthetic body! The Power Plate® stimulates your blood circulation, which can lead to a positive change in the complexion of your skin. At the same time, building muscle increases your own basal metabolic rate, so more calories are burned. You can achieve a convincing beauty result with little expenditure of time with the help of the Power Plate in the area of anti-cellulite and stomach-legs-buttocks.

MEDICAL: Health and well-being is by no means a question of age. Each age group has their different needs. This is exactly what Power Plate research has been doing for several years and is developing both joint-friendly, medical-certified devices as well as special exercises for mobilization, loosening and strengthening. Injuries such as ligament injuries can be treated with the aid of the device during follow-up care. Patients with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's use the Power Plate to support them, but the Power Plate is also used in patients who have had a stroke. We want to help you feel fit, vital and young at any age.