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Bobath concept

Bobath concept

The Bobath concept was developed in 1943 by Berta and Dr. Karl Bobath developed rehabilitation concept for the treatment of patients with central paralysis (e.g. after insult, multiple sclerosis, encephalitis, Parkinson's disease).

A basis of the Bobath concept is the assumption of the plasticity of the brain, which states that healthy brain regions (through neural networking) can take over the tasks of the damaged brain regions. This new learning can be targeted through consistent training and stimulation.

According to the Bobath concept, spasticity arises due to the neglect of the plegic side of the body by the patient. As a result, the brain does not have the opportunity to receive new information and to be able to restructure movement sequences into new groups of neurons. That is why the integration of the affected side of the body into all everyday movements is the basic principle of the Bobath concept.

The Bobath concept should be integrated into the patient's 24-hour rhythm and requires good multidisciplinary collaboration between caregivers, relatives and patients. Here, sensory, motor and psychological functions are to be specifically promoted through physiotherapy and nursing measures.