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Matrix rhythm therapy

Matrix rhythm therapy

The Matrixmobil is an innovative medical product. Due to its special construction, it enables excellent individual modulation. Depending on the situation, the therapist can react precisely and gently treats the tissue in the correct amplitude and frequency spectrum. In doing so, he spares his own strength. The matrix mobile provides feedback on the resonator quality (vibration behavior) of the tissue and is used not only therapeutically but also diagnostically. The main area of application is diseases of the movement system. Due to the substantial improvement in the general condition of the tissue and the microcirculation, numerous symptoms are causally treated. The spectrum of application ranges from restricted mobility, chronic pain, muscle hardening, nerve regeneration, reduction of swellings, restoration of elasticity and the fine vascular system to prevention and regeneration. The MaRhyThe® is used rehabilitatively, preventively, peri- and post-operatively.