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The aim of my acupuncture is to optimize tension in the whole body so that the circulation in the whole body can take place as well as possible. I combine my knowledge of physiotherapy (dry needling) with knowledge of Chinese acupuncture (TCM).
Muscles, ligaments, capsules and fasciae are needled. When these structures then improve in tension this has a positive effect on; Joint movements, muscle tension, tension in the nervous system and tension in the internal organs.
I always use my acupuncture in combination with manual techniques and exercises so that the tension improvement gained works as well as possible and is retained.
Movement blockages, pain and circulatory disorders can be remedied very efficiently and often permanently.
The area of application and the indications are very diverse and include, among other things;
Muscle pain, headache, migraine, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, rheumatic diseases, sleep disorders, joint pain, jaw function disorders, tendinitis, back and neck problems, (postoperative) scar treatment, sensitivity disorders, edema and hematoma, stomach pain, bowel movement problems, some forms of tinitus.